A Day Out at Ohara Onsen 日帰り温泉旅しました!

Sash and I drove up to the Ohara no Sato hot spring in the seven the other day. It's nice up there at this time of year, leafy and quiet. ロータスで大原の里温泉まで行きました

I could live in this empty house. ここに住みたい!

Spring was springing everywhere.どこでも花が出た

Sash post-onsen. Shiny! お風呂の後。肌つるつる!

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Perhaps this image begins in my last post?

We bought miso in Ohara at Misoan. It is fantastic. Highly recommended. 味噌庵で買ったみそは最高美味しいですよ

この易しい雰囲気は如何でしょうか?値段もやさしいです。うどん・そばコース 1,500円(入浴付き、昼食場所は「雲井茶屋」)

Check it out. In Japanese: http://www.oohara-no-sato.co.jp/
In English: http://www.oohara-no-sato.co.jp/english/index.htm